Since 1909 Eneslow has been helping New Yorkers with products to relieve some of the pains of everyday life. Answering your primary challenges is our goal. Today we start with heel pain and strategies to prevent and relieve heel related pain.
Posterior foot and leg stretching
Since we spend so much of our day sitting and lying down,
back-of-leg stretches can be beneficial.
FAQ: Why does my heel hurt after I’ve been sitting for a while, and especially when I take my first step off the bed after sleeping or resting.
A: Consequence of staying at home is a lack of exercise. Sitting for hours can lead to foot and ankle problems. Heel pain, especially plantar fasciitis is often due to going from a sedentary to active lifestyle. Muscles and other connective tissue in the back of the leg are contracted when we sit and lie down. We spend a long time in these positions. When we move to stand and walk, the connective tissue needs to elongate “stretch”. Doing stretching exercises helps prepare them for the journey of standing and walking. Stretching each day can help you feel better. It is particularly helpful for feet and legs and can help improve posture, balance, and gait.