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Video: Shoe Makeover with Suze Yalof Schwartz
Subject: Shoe Makeover
Media: Magazine

Suze Yalof Schwartz visits Eneslow to find out how she can have happy feet with a "Shoe Makeover". Suze is the Executive Fashion Editor at Large of She is an expert voice in the media for fashion makeovers and GLAMOUR’s trademark Dos & Don’ts. And be sure read Suze's article "How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Own?" at


Video:Comfort for the Sole
Subject: Retrofitting
Media: Metro Channel/Pamela Gross

An interesting look at how Eneslow The Foot Comfort Center really can give you "Happy Feet." Watch as Pamela Gross's Prada's become "Comfortable Fitting Shoes" in the hands of Robert Schwartz and Eneslow.

Isn't it time you bring your shoes to Eneslow?

Video: Your Business with JJ Ramberg
Media: MSNBC (2008)
Robert Schwartz, Warren Person and German Jaramillo are interviewed about the ups and downs of Eneslow and how it revisioned itself as a multi-faceted business.

Video: Your Business with JJ Ramberg
Subject: Business/Stronger than Ever!
Media: MSNBC (2009)
Eneslow and Robert Schwartz is one of the businesses featured in this article focusing on surviving in these times of economic uncertainties.

PDF: Eneslow's Shoe Modification Catalog
Subject: Internal/External Modification
Medium: Various Materials and Techniques