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Shoe Repair

SHOE REPAIR - The purpose of Pedorthic Shoe Modifications

When other treatment modalities have not relieved or improved pain, balance, alignment, posture, or gait, ready made shoes
can be modified to address many foot problems

Pedorthic shoe modifications offer many advantages. They are less expensive than custom shoes, can be created quickly to
provide more immediate relief, and can be used as a diagnostic tool to determine which accomodations are best suited to
a patients condition before creating custom footwear.


Redistribute forces

Improve stabiliy

Accommodate deformities

and areas of pressure

Relieve pain

Types of Pedorthic Shoe Modifications

external modifications

Internal modifications

Upper modifications

Sandwich modifications

Shoe repair/refurbish

Our on-site shoe repair shop
at our Park Avenue South facility
in Manhattan can address
all of your shoe repair needs


Heel & toe repair

Straps, Buckles, Velcro closures

Replace heel counters

Upper & lining repair


And much more!

For more information, contact us:

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1504 Second Avenue, New York, N.Y. • 212-249-3800

249-38 Horace Harding Expy (next to Duane Reade) Little Neck, NY 11362 • Phone: (718) 357-5800

1-800-ENESLOW (if out of Tri-State area)