Eneslow's Rocker-Soles are Designed to:

• Reduce and control pressure and motion in painful joints
• Provide compensation for rigid joints
• Reduce ground reactive forces
• Help strengthen and stretch muscles and tendons
• Improve posture, balance, alignment, gait
• Decrease demand for muscle activity of feet
• Increase muscle activity proximal to feet
• Decrease shock on hip and knee joints

Rocker Soles Help Control Foot Motion
• Rocker allows foot and leg
• To move over fulcrums (axes) of shoe
• Controls impact and motion of the foot

From heel strike through toe-off
Location and angles of rocker fulcrums
• Controls motion
• Reduces pressure
• To painful areas

Rocker design criteria
• Fulcrum (axis) points
• Angles
• Sole thickness
• Rigidity

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