Not Wearing Socks While Running is Worst Idea Ever.

We agree that wearing socks for running and virtually any athletic activity is essential. There are many ways to accomplish this goal in terms of styles and designs. Eneslow carries socks from many vendors, including Thorlo. The key is to make sure that shoe-fit is first in sock decision making. Running, for example, is an activity that often exacerbates foot swelling. Feet expand while running long distances, as much as a full shoe size (1/4”-3/8’ in length). That is why we need at least 3/8’ toe room from end of longest toe to end of shoes. Without checking patient’s shoe-fit, one cannot make a judgment on what is best. Literature identifies compression over-the-calf socks as beneficial to reduce swelling and enhance circulation. Thorlo makes socks in different thicknesses. Many other excellent socks are available today. Make sure, when you advise your patients that you know what’s right for them. One brand does not work for all. Ask your local pedorthist to help provide the best solutions, so the patient really benefits form our advice.

Robert S. Schwartz, New York, NY

According to Casey Ann Pidich, DPM, an NYC-based podiatrist warns about a common mistake she sees runners making: Running without socks. Calling the move the “worst idea ever,” her reason makes total sense. “Socks help prevent blisters when running, and they also help absorb sweat,” she says. You should consider them an additional layer of protection for your feet—not to be skipped.

While I couldn’t agree more with Dr. Casey Ann Pidich about the use of running socks, she fails to mention a brand that she recommends. I personally recommend Thor-lo socks for virtually any athletic activity. I and my family have been wearing them exclusively for the past 30 years. They are perfect for almost any activity and fit all the criteria that she describes!

David Hettinger, DPM, Wheaton, IL

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