Eneslow Metatarsal pads


Enhance ball-of-foot comfort under metatarsal heads.

Help restore optimal fat-pad positioning, straighten and realign flexible toes, relieve common forefoot & toe problems.

Riecken's Metatarsal (Dancer) pads Provide vertical force to metatarsal shafts, and additional cushioning under met heads.

PEDAG Metatarsal (Met) pads sit under the middle of the foot just behind metatarsal heads. Provide vertical force to metatarsal shafts, to help reduce vertical forces to metatarsal heads.

• Tear shaped design to elevate met heads & shafts

• Terminates just proximal to met heads - Tapers to a feathered edge

•Thickens & widens from proximal end at met-shafts, to just proximal to met-heads; tapers to a feathered edge

Ask your healthcare professional if Metatarsal pads are right for you.

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