When writing work order for Rockers please specify:

Mark the Fulcrum or Pivot Point (location on which a lever pivots); it should be 1/8” inch behind the area you are offloading. Height measurement of the Rocker depends on heel height and shoe size. The higher the heel, the higher the Rocker CAN be.

Heel Counter Stabilizer/Buttress:

an extension of the base of an existing heel medially (toward the body midline) and/or laterally (away from the body midline), encompassing the shoe counter; designed to stabilize the hind foot and midfoot and to provide a broader base of support. Effective for Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction, Chronic Ankle Sprain, Pronation Related Disorders, Spastic Rear foot Valgus, Post-Polio, Spina Bifida, Charcot-Marie-Tooth, and other conditions requiring frontal plane control (eversion, inversion).

Buttress (Offset): 1/2” to 1’’ Wide; Tapers at Shoe Upper.


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