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Eneslow Pedorthic Institute

About Eneslow Pedorthic Institue

The Eneslow Pedorthic Institute (EPI) was opened in 1995 as an educational institute on the benefits of wearing footwear that “feels as good as it looks”. Courses on conservative foot care, foot health and overall wellbeing are given to healthcare professionals, shoe designers, orthotic technicians, and the public. EPI conducts courses on the art and science of pedorthics and how it relates to improving people’s lives. Foot orthotic hands-on training, footwear design, therapeutic shoe fitting, pedorthic pre-certification, and retail business training courses are offered in its facilities in Manhattan.

About Robert

Eneslow trains third year podiatry students at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in pedorthics in our facilities. Robert Schwartz, C. Ped., is currently an adjunct instructor in the department of orthopedic sciences at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. He and Sarah Goldberg, C. Ped., train students to improve their pedorthic skills.

Mr. Schwartz has participated on the faculty of Aetrex University, and on the advisory board of and Pedorthic Newswire. He has been a faculty member of the pedorthic programs at Ball State University, Florida International University, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York University Medical Center, Northwestern University, Staten Island University, Shoe Service Institute of America, UCLA, and others for over forty years. Mr. Schwartz has published many articles on pedorthics and footwear which have appeared in Current Pedorthics, M. Jahss: Foot & Ankle, Podiatry Management, Biomechanics, PM News, Pedorthic Newswire, Healthy Living from the Ground Up, etc.

Eneslow has had a particular interest and focus in diabetic neuropathic feet and conservative treatment approaches. Mr. Schwartz has lectured on “pedorthic management of diabetic foot disorders” at US Public Health Service Hospital, Carville, LA, PFA annual symposia, NYU Medical Center, and national and regional conferences devoted to the diabetic foot all over the world. He is recognized as a leading expert in diabetic footcare by the medical community and fills prescriptions to prevent and heal ulcers, chronic Charcot deformities and partial foot amputations.

Eneslow Pedorthic Institute: education and training includes:

  • Pre-cert pedorthic education to aspiring pedorthists
  • Pedorthic education to practicing pedorthists
  • Foot orthotic hands-on technician training in state-of-art ergonomic pedorthic workshop
  • Continuing education to healthcare professionals and retailers
  • Footcare and footwear education to consumers
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