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Foot Orthotic Casting and Fabrication Training Course

This course provides the tools to grow your foot orthotics business with superior hands-on skills.

The course objectives are to prepare an individual to:

  • Fabricate and modify foot orthoses and internal shoe modifications.
  • Take impressions and measurements for foot orthoses and short-articulated ankle-foot orthoses.
  • Determine material combinations to produce desired results.
  • Modify casts to optimize fit and function.
  • Adjust orthotics to fit under-foot and in footwear.
  • Understand the biomechanical theory of foot orthoses and internal shoe modifications.

Eneslow’s faculty includes orthotic technicians and pedorthic professionals who fabricate, fit, and modify foot orthotics every day and have been teaching aspiring foot orthotic technicians since 1995. Foot orthotic training is conducted in state-of-art foot workshop at Eneslow’s world headquarters in New York City.

Come learn from the best and add these important skills to your portfolio of capabilities.

Foot Orthotic Casting and Fabrication Training Course Content

  • Orthotic casting and orthotic modifications materials and supplies
  • Hands-on Casting techniques to achieve biomechanical goals
  • Off-Weight-Bearing Neutral Casting
  • Semi-Weight-Bearing Casting
  • Casting with Foam
  • Casting with Plaster and STS
  • Cast Modification Techniques
  • Cast Pouring
  • Orthotic Fabrication Techniques
  • Orthotic Modifications
  • Hands-on Orthotic Fabrication
  • Orthotic trouble-shooting
Full Course
$1995 / per attendee.
Per Day
$595 / Day per attendee.
10% discount for three or more people from the same organizations; Full course only.