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Pedorthic Care Glossary – Eneslow  is dedicated to helping you find the answers and the resources you need for all of your pedorthic care needs.  Whether it’s definitions of the terminology, consultations with one of our qualified, credentialed pedorthists, or guiding you to one of our Accredited Facilities – our website has the answer.

Accredited Facility
Achilles Tendon
Achilles Tendonitis
Custom Multi-Density Inserts
Diabetic Shoes/Therapeutic Shoes
Durable Medical Equipment
Hammer Toes
Non-Custom Multi-Density Inserts
Non-Therapeutic Devices
Pedorthic Devices
Plantar Fasciitis
Prefabricated Orthosis
Rehabilitation Team
Subtalar-Control Foot Orthoses (SCFO)
Subtalar joint


A C.Ped is a specialist in using footwear – which includes shoes, shoe modifications, foot orthoses and other pedorthic devices – to solve problems in, or related to, the foot and lower limb.
Allied healthcare professionals, shoe retailers, shoe repairers, and those eager to learn more about the human body and how to accommodate the lower extremities.
In addition to helping people, it’s an awarding and thrilling career, and one that provides competitive financial opportunities.
Eneslow offers careers in its retail shoe stores.You can practice in healthcare and clinical facilities, retail shoe stores, orthotic & prosthetic facilities, and more. (Some states require a license or C.Ped. certification to practice. Check your state’s requirements).