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From: Stanley M.
Sent: August 3, 2014

I was a little reluctant to go here after reading some of these reviews and hearing my podiatrist jokingly say to beware these guys are salesmen, and they can sell snow to an eskimo.

So off I went with my prescription for some orthotics, I walked in and was greeted with a nice good morning, showed him my "script" and was directed to the second floor where I was greeted by a salesman who was very nice. He was assisting another person he kindly told me to have a seat and he would be with me once he was finished. I waited 2 or 3 minutes when another salesman came up and took care of me.

He measured my feet and to my surprise my feet are bigger then I would have guessed. I have been in a size 11 for over 30 yrs. He took his time and explained to me how when we get older our feet expand. Who knew? Well anyway, he set me up with a nice orthotic insert and I walk out feeling fine with no pain in my step, just a little in my wallet, lol. Pricey but what the hell. If you don't take care of your feet you'll regret it in the end!  

Also from now on I'll read reviews, but will go and check it out for myself. Some of these reviews makes you wonder.

Thanks Eneslow.
See you again soon.



From: Robert M.
Sent: Thursday July 31,2014

Today I visited Eneslow Foot Care Center on Second Avenue at 79th Street. After looking through various past reviews, I was not sure if the selection of diabetic shoes would work well for me.

Please be assured that the sales staff at this store are well trained, and boy do they know their shoes. The manager worked with me, Neill McDonnell. He is very attentive to your specific needs. He gets it after 15 minutes. Neill had pulled out a fabulous selection of shoes and sneakers for my diabetic needs. All of the picks were spot on. So much so, that I purchased 5 pairs of sneakers and shoes.

My wife was so impressed, that she discussed her needs and again Neill delivered . She purchased a pair. If anyone wants a "Super Shoe Professional", who truly cares about your personal needs, visit Neill. 

Neill also encouraged me to bring one of my favorite shoes, from the closet, that he could have taken apart by their skilled craftsmen to remake into a well serving, comfortable pair of diabetic shoes that will meet my individual needs today.

That made me happy.

As we were leaving the store, Neill recommended a delicious restaurant down the street and of course our day was a total joy. The young lady from the store also mentioned some wonderful bakeries that we should know about as the subject had come up.

In summary, there was never any pressure, just a sincere joy to help us with great fitting, stylish, diabetic shoes from wonderful manufacturers.

Eneslow Second Avenue store is our NEW FITTER. Happy feet MADE us happy!

Rob M Chatham NJ


From: Donna H.
Sent: May 17, 2014 

Dear Majid, 

Thank you for all of your help given to me in choosing new shoes. I will write you again, when I have worn them more. Your patience and knowledge were very helpful. 

Thank you again! 


Donna H.



From: Mariana H.
Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2014 3:07 PM
Subject: Your Amazing Team

Good afternoon,

I ruptured by right Achilles 30 years ago this month and have had serious foot problems since.
I cannot remember when I first met The Man Who Saved my Feet - your Herman - but it was decades ago. He has made 3-sets of orthotics for my 3 kinds of different shoes/boots and opened up my Gucci Loafers so that his orthotic & my foot could wear them without pain!
Today I went down to your store to buy snow boots - my old ones hurt. Your salesman Hadji brought four options - none worked. Then he found the winner - Sedona.  I was concerned about slipping on ice and Hadji suggested adding a non-skid sole which I had never heard of, naturally.
Thanks to your Eneslow I will be able to walk in the next snow storm pain-free and with luck stay upright!


Dear Mariana,

Thank you for the wonderful news. We are extremely proud of our team and I am not surprised we were able to help you. Thanks for your continued patronage and best wishes for 2014.

Robert S. Schwartz, C. Ped.
Eneslow Pedorthic Enterprises, Inc.
470 Park Avenue South @ 32nd Street, Front 2
New York, N. Y. 10016-6819
212-477-2300 x 207; Fax 212-353-2876


From: Pamela Z.
Rockaway Park, NY
Sent:  4/26/2014

I have flat feet with collapsing arches and wear custom Orthodics, I've been searching for shoes my Orthodics fit in properly and today by some miracle I stumbled across this store. I walked in wearing my only supportive pair of shoes (Brooks running sneakers) hoping I would find something. Ruben helped me, he was so patient, listened to what my needs were, looked at and measured my feet, he found and fitted me in 4 pairs of shoes! A pair of Ziera flats, Ziera lace up trendy peep toes, Gabor adorable fashion sneakers all of which fit my Orthodics perfectly and comfortably and a pair of earthies flats with built in arches I can add my Orthodics on top of if need be. I am beyond thrilled with the shoes, the service, the selection and the knowledge and experience of the sales people. If you have special needs feet, go to Eneslow, they have such a huge selection. They even make Orthodics and custom shoes, I will definitely be back for sandals in the summer and boots in the fall. Their Orthodics look really comfortable and durable as well, I may have to have a pair made, they look better than mine.

I Highly recommend!! Check it out!!


From: Deborah Y.
Santa Monica, CA
Sent:  2/4/2013

I'm new to New York and with all the walking I do, I really needed to get better shoes. Before going to Eneslow, I went to about 7-8 stores including DSW, Macy's, Uggs, etc. and couldn't find anything that could help with my low arch feet (I also have neck issues and carry heavy cameras around). I was feeling really let down by the shopping in NYC, having recently moved from Cali.

After asking around, a friend told me about Eneslow and the article about them in the Epoch Times Newspaper:…

I decided to check out the store this morning to give my shoe hunt another go. I was so impressed with the staff and shoe selection. They measured my feet, examined my arch and helped me find a range of shoes that would suit my needs. I was surprised how quickly I found just the right pair of shoes I needed with lots of arch support within my price range (Clark wave). I donated the shoes I wore in the bin outside and walked out with my new kicks.

I will definitely be going there again and would highly recommend this store for anyone that is looking for high quality shoes that will make your feet happy :)


From: Jane B.
New York, NY
Sent:  5/31/2009

To rework a cliche, "Comfort is the new black." Or maybe, "comfort is the new sexy." Or perhaps, "comfort is the new extravagance."

With a closet full of pumps that make my feet ache and take the joy out of an evening out, I've stopped asking "WWSJP (i.e., what would Sarah Jessica Parker, the high priestess of high heels) do?" and I've started asking, "Can I wear these shoes while standing up for an hour and walking further than the distance between the curb and a restaurant seat?" If the answer is no, I pass. The sad consequence of this decision is that there have been many spiky shoes left at Bergdorf's. After all, I need shoes that permit me to do something more challenging than merely lying on my back (and how many shoes does one need for *that*? -- probably just one utterly impractical pair.....)

I stumbled upon "Eneslow, the Foot Comfort Center" while walking up Park Ave this weekend. And in response to my footwear-back-to-basics-drive, I went in to investigate. The place is filled with sensible shoes. But when I say "sensible", I don't mean ugly or boring....I mean shoes that won't make you wish the day was over when it's only 10AM, or make you wish the night was done when you've only just walked to the subway. Sensible is a good thing.

Eneslow carries many, *many* lines of comfortable shoes -- from the familiar choices like Arche, Thierry Raboutin, and Dansko, to the unfamiliar. Moreover, there are generally several options from each line available. I was impressed by the broad selection. That said, about half the shoes are a little -- or a lot -- clunky (many of the customers are there for the orthotics or in response to foot pain/problems).....But the other half are quite stylish (i.e., they don't reek of orthopedic footwear).

I purchased a pair of Beautifeel sandals (an Israeli line previously unknown to me), and am delighted by the shoe because it has a not-too-prim 2" wedge, an appealing design, and *tons* of padding. These are shoes I can wear all day without requiring bandaids or ibuprofen. Their inventory was a little sparse in my size (10.5 - an unusual size, to be sure) so that was an issue -- I would have tried on more shoes, but they didn't have my size in stock. When I got home, I checked Zappos, and found the shoes were priced about the same in the store as online.

I have no thoughts on the men's selection - there was a whole second floor dedicated to guys. Unfortunately, I got mesmerized by the array of comfortable shoes and didn't go beyond the ladies section. My husband, however, seemed intrigued by their MBT offerings.

I will be back to Eneslow -- my feet will demand it.


Sent: 7/8/2011

I walk alot. If you are looking for comfort and lots of sole to lift your doggies up off the pounding pavement, Eneslow is for you. They have Merrells that wear like iron all winter long and some really cool sandals for summer. The real steal is the basement sale area for women. Shoes are categorized into sale prices and are currently on a downward sliding scale, cheaper with every additional pair you buy. You can get out with shoes and boots that would retail upstairs for $200 -300 and up for about $ 45.00. I've never needed the upstairs sales staff, but the cashiers have been really nice and helpful.


From: G W.
New York, NY
Sent:  1/1/2012

Eneslow has lots of comfortable options for walkers. The women sale area downstairs currently has a 2 pair for $59.98 special, including Merrells, Ecco, Birkenstock, Aetrex, but no boots included. Main floor does have a discounted boot section.


From: Ellen O.
New York, NY
Sent:  8/9/2009

My mother needs special shoes for her hammer toes, and Eneslow takes great care of her. The salesman (or foot care specialist) always takes his time to make sure that she is comfortable. Her shoes need to have special adjustments, and they're always done correctly. We wouldn't go anywhere else. I even bought myself a pair of shoes, and the salesman made a special adjustment (don't get that type of attention at Manolo Blahnik--which is why I've thrown away so many of their shoes since they look great, but after you leave they don't fit that great.


From: Mr B.
Westport, CT
Sent:  2/26/2011

This location has an impressive staff with knowledge of what shoes are best for your feet, especially if back or foot problems are your forte. They've a great line of Euro shoes and the best of the best can be had when it comes to comfort.


From: Kurt A.
Long Island City, NY
Sent: 11/27/2012

I bought a pair of Merrell walking shoes here a few years ago and they were very comfortable - almost like wearing a sneaker - so I bought a second pair. I went in today to look for comfortable boots and ending up trying out a shoe by Crocs. They were very comfortable, but Eneslow didn't have any boots by Crocs. I checked online and saw that there was a boot version of the shoe I'd tried. I asked if they could order them, but they said no (I was told that their next order would be for shoes for Spring), so I told the saleswoman I would order the boots online. She was very nice about it, and I was glad Eneslow was there so I could try on the Crocs.


From: Matt O.
New York, NY
Sent: 8/21/2013

 Great customer service for Aetrex Orthodics. I naturally pronate when i stride and rather than paying for $500 custom orthodics I wanted to 1st try the general ones from Lyco/Aetrex. I was initially fitted for the 425 with the forefoot support bump, which i found overkill after wearing for 1 week. It actually started to hurt other parts of my leg like my knee. So I went back and they exchanged no questions asked for the 420 model.

Majid provided the exchange and was very helpful. You can buy Aetrex online for cheaper but the extra $10 was worth the convenience of walking in, getting fitted, and exchanging all close to my office.


From: Sarah C.
New York, NY
Sent: 5/30/2013

I am a shoe snob: heels, boots, sneakers, flats - I love them all. I do not care about dresses or denim but when it comes to accessories, especially shoes, I care. Normally for my shoes, I hit up Barneys for heels etc, and then Alife and Supra for sneakers. I never dip into general shoe stores or pedorthic centers.

That is, until I had an emergency and Eneslow saved me.

Allow me to share. This week, I went to the gym and could not, for the life of me, find my heels in the cubby. I searched high and low, the staff helped me, everything. We think since they were black pump, someone else must have thought they were theirs, because literally the shoes DISAPPEARED. I had to interview potential employees for my company and while annoyed, I luckily had my trusty designer flats in my gym bag and was going to make do.

While walking to my office building, I suddenly felt my foot touch bare pavement and then bit the concrete - hard. Yep, the sole on my cute little flats (which I had been wearing for ever) had separated and ripped, causing me to trip and fall. I put my sneakers back on, wiped the gravel scratches off my hands and knees and began to limp along to the office, in near tears. TWICE IN ONE MORNING WITH THE SHOE DRAMA. I had to interview potential employees for my firm and wearing sneakers with a black business dress ala 1988 WAS NOT GOING TO FLY.

Luckily, I walked past Eneslow. It was 8:50 am and they werent open yet, but I was desperate. So I knocked on the door and stared pitifully at the employees. To my surprise, they welcomed me in warmly and were more than happy to help me find a pair of shoes.

The salesman was very knowledgeable, friendly and warm - he brought me several pairs of shoes in my size and budget, measured my foot and named two brands he recommended since I have a wide foot and narrow heel. They were still vaccuuming in there and yet here I was being helped. In fact, they rushed getting the cash register open so they could ring me up.

I ended up with super comfy, super cute little black kitten heels. True customer service and I think I am going to go back and get a few more walking style heels and flats.

From: Elizabeth B.
Brooklyn, NY
Sent: 7/27/2013

There is a small collection of top-quality comfort shoe stores in NYC and Eneslow is in that rarefied company. I ended up choosing a brand I'd never heard of called Durea that was $100 less than the Finn Comfort shoes I'd planned on buying and are much prettier and more feminine than what I expected to be able to wear with my varied medical issues.


From: Stephanie R.
Manhattan, NY
Sent: 6/2/2013

This is a fantastic store! I have had orthopedic and foot problems, and they continually know just how to help me out. I came to them with a boot for a metatarsal stress fracture and they made me some really great orthotics with metatarsal supports for my sneakers after my foot healed.

A lot of the orthopedic shoes are expensive, but the comfort in my feet has been well worth it. I recommend investing in their orthotics and the shoes they recommend for your feet if you're experiencing any pain/discomfort.


From: 34_34
Manhattan, NY
Sent: 08/14/2006

Great customer service
If your feet hurt, eneslow is the place to go! They have some really comfortable shoes. They also do custom shoes and inserts.


From: Marlo G.
Hoboken, NJ
Sent: 11/17/2011

Yes, as you may've read, Eneslow is a place for feet with special needs. They have a variety of brands you probably haven't heard of unless you wear higher end comfort well as Merrells, Hunter boots and a handful of running shoes.

That said, Eneslow has a huge selection and is one of the premier vendors of comfort/special need shoes. Of course with quality and satisfaction of needs, the shoes are a bit pricey. I've comparison shopped and it's not that Eneslow is expensive--it's right on point for its category.

Staff is very friendly and helpful.


From: NYC Foot Care; Dr. Oliver Z.
New York, NY
Sent: 11/21/2009


As a student at NYCPM I remeber coming to your location and was very impressed by your store and business. At time I knew Dr. Wernick was also involved with your busniess. Its been about 10 years since that time and I've always sent patients who needed special attention to their shoes to Eneslow. I would welcome any education you can provide about your shoes and shoe technology in general so that I can be more knowledgeable both in practice and in commentary to the press as they often call ask for opinions on the latest shoes. If you have something that's new I'd certainly promote it in press releases as well.


From: Laurence J
New York, NY
Sent: 7/7/2014

Dear Sir,

I recently revisited your store and complaints of severe foot and toe pain. I was fortunate to be assisted by Mr. Carlos Rivera. After examining the three pair of Lyncos Orthotics that I had purchased at your store some years ago, he said that they were worn and recommended three new Lynco Orthotics.

With reference to my toe pain he recommended a toe cover. I purchased three new pairs of Lynco Orthotics and toe covers and the foot and toe problems ended. Mr. Rivera was extremely knowledgeable, motivated and competent. You are fortunate to have such a dedicated employee on your staff.


Very truly yours,

Laurence J. 


Review Highlights 

"...always takes his time to make sure that she is comfortable." 

"...that is looking for high quality shoes that will make your feet happy." 

" quickly I found just the right pair of shoes I needed with lots..."